about us

IT Security Expert provides All types of data recovery, harddisk data recovery, RAID recovery, Digital/computer forensics, Network Penetration testing and other professional media services through a network across Turkey. Our Data Recovery service is one of the best & trusted recovery Company in Turkey

Data Recovery

We started our business in Ankara in 2017 and have led our technology research and development sector for years.

Our goal has always been to provide reliable media services with transparent price estimates and fast turnaround times, and thanks to our ethical approach, we have opened satellite offices in dozens of major cities. We have significantly expanded our service offerings by investing in research, development and ongoing engineer training.

We are dedicated to provide below Services:

When working with IT Security Expert, your case always gets attention from experienced media experts. We pride ourselves on our simple, seamless approach and data guarantees; all cases can get free standard media evaluation and we will never charge for our services if we can’t recover the data.

Our Commitment:

Customer First Consideration

Positive Thinking and Positive Approach

Respect and Fairness

Trust and Integrity

Communication and Transparency

Data Recovery Process Easy for You

Step 1: Begin Your Free Case Evaluation

We’ll put you in contact with one of our IT Security data recovery experts to began diagonostics of what’s wrong with your device hard disk.

Step 2: Full Evaluation

Upon your device data drive’s arrival in our data recovery facility, we’ll take a closer look at what exactly went wrong. At which point we’ll be able to provide you with a summary of the work, costs, and time required to get you back up and running.

Step 3: Expert Recovery

With your approval, our team of recovery experts will go to work repairing your hard drive, and recovering any corrupted files in a timely and affordable fashion.