IT Forensic Services

IT Forensics is more than Computer Forensics. The term IT (Information Technology) applies to all technologies used to increase the efficiency and productivity of a company. Accordingly, IT Forensics works to identify, secure, and contain damages done to a company’s IT systems.

It Security expert IT Forensics Investigators can help

Our IT Forensics service is part of our suite of Digital Forensics services, designed to help companies detect, identify and prosecute perpetrators who commit fraud or misuse a company’s digital assets. Our investigators have years of experience in identifying and uncovering patterns of fraud and entry points into vulnerable IT systems and processes.

In addition to crime detection, protecting the integrity of evidence is also paramount because the data must be admissible in a court of law.

Accredited IT forensics experts specialise in:

  • IT infrastructure hacking and data leak
  • Employee misuse of internet, intranet and devices
  • Criminal fraud cases
  • Unauthorised transfer or removal of information
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Suspected industry espionage

We provide accurate IT forensics examinations and reports. We are also expert witnesses whom you can rely on to explain digital evidence, as well as presenting evidence on fraud cases in court.

Who will benefit from our IT forensic services

Blackhawk Intelligence’s IT forensics services are available to companies that wish to conduct an investigation into a breach of the company’s IT systems or where a fraud that utilised a company’s digital assets had taken place. Our clients include:

  • Corporate security and IT departments of companies
  • Company directors and shareholders who suspect foul play
  • Law firms whose clients suffer breaches to their IT systems
  • Law enforcement agencies