Ransomware/ Cryptolocker File Open

Ransomware Data Return-back

A ransomware attack uses malware to encrypt systems and data, for the purpose of demanding ransom for decrypting the files. In a ransomware attack, cybercriminals hold your data and systems hostage. If you don’t have data protection strategies in place, a ransomware attack can result in a catastrophic  and disrupt business continuity. Read on to learn how to create a ransomware data recovery strategy, including five methods for recovering ransomware encrypted files.

  • Pay the ransom
  • Restore the data /services from backups
  • Reset everything from scratch and lose the data

Step up towards your data-

  • Isolate the Infection
  • Identify the Infection
  • Determine Your Options
  • Restore and Refresh
  • Plan to Prevent Recurrence

Return your data back booked by-

  • WannaCry
  • Petya ransomware
  • Ryuk Ransomware
  • DarkSide Ransomware
  • Locky ransomware
  • TorrentLocker

And so on…

If you want your data to be safely recovered from such type of cases, then you need to communicate to a professional data recovery company. Our engineers are trained with each kind of occurrence, how they work and we have our own R&D methods to return back the encryption data on the device. If we have access to credentials, we can recover fully or partially ransom data within few days.

Cryptolocker File Open

Now a days various computer users have been facing an issue of ransomware virus where all the files are encrypted with the ransomware file extension. Ransomware is also called CryptoLocker, which propagated as an attachment to a seemingly innocuous email. Moreover, it is a kind of malware that encrypts each file on the system and demands to pay a ransom to decrypt all files. Thus, it becomes necessary for a user to remove CryptoLocker from the system. Hence, in the upcoming section, we are going to discuss all possible solutions to restore files encrypted by a CryptoLocker virus in an absolute way.

About CryptoLocker Ransomware

It would be a catastrophic disaster if your PC has been infected by ransomware virus including, CryptoLocker, Zcrypt, CryptWall, TorrentLocker, etc. You are prevented from accessing an infected system, and your crucial data to be deleted, hidden. Thus, it gets worse, files may be encrypted or changed with the ransomware file extension. Do you know how many files are affected after CryptoLocker attacked your Windows computer? The known types are available such as .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pst, .pdf, .pptx, .jpg, .jpeg.

File is your, you are the owner, we just help you to unlock the lock file-

  • Crypt0L0cker virus
  • CryptoLocker-v3
  • Cryptographic Locker
  • PCLock ransomware
  • CryptoTorLocker2015
  • Crypt0 ransomware
  • Il tuo computer e stato infettatoda Cryptolocker! Ransomware
  • CryptoLocker 5.1 ransomware virus
  • Cryptolocker3 ransomware virus
  • MNS Cryptolocker
  • CryptoLockerEU ransomware virus
  • CryptON
  • … …… …… …..

Method 1: Restore Data from Backup to Restore Encrypted Files by CryptoLocker

  • First, you have to check your computer files that were encrypted.
  • Once they are identified, isolate and delete all files. Then, copy and paste selected files from your backup device to your desktop.
  • This is the easiest way to restore files encrypted by CryptoLocker.

Method 2: Retrieve Files Encrypted by Cryptolocker Using Previous Version Restore

  • Locate the directory where most of the files are stored
  • Right-click on a particular file, then choose Properties
  • Select the Previous Versions tab when the Properties window pops up.
  • In the end, you restore files encrypted by CryptoLocker.

Method 3: Perform System Recovery to Restore Files Encrypted by CryptoLocker

The system recovery option in Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 will have a small difference, in general:

  • Now, you need to search Control Panel for Recovery
  • Then, select Recovery and then, Open System Restore option. Press Next
  • After that, choose the restore point before ransomware intrusion
  • Go to Next button and click Finish
  • Recovered all files encrypted by CryptoLocker Virus

At the End

CryptoLocker is a kind of malware that enters the user’s computer and encrypts a large number of files. After understanding the bad effect of CryptoLocker ransomware on the system, different ways to restore files encrypted by CryptoLocker in an efficient manner are discussed. Thus, users can choose any of the methods according to their need or requirement.