SSD Data Recovery

Solid State Drive (SSD) Data Recovery

The normal hard drive fails due to age, usage, and mechanical wear and tear, the brand new normal hard drive would not fail so easily as the old hard drives with slow performance and symptoms of failure, SMART performance will be monitored during the BIOS for normally laptop and desktop to check the regular health condition. But SSD Solid State Drive fails un-noticeably without providing any prior symptoms nor any failure notice, One day it works and another the drive is dead and completely not readable and does not detect in any of the machines, it does not provide SMART parameters for the drive, hence it is difficult to notice the failing drives.

Types of SSD Data Recovery the we perform

  • Mac Book Pro SSD data retrieval.
  • Mac Book Air SSD data recovery.
  • IBM, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Toshiba other Laptop SSD recovery.
  • Two in one Tablet and Laptop model recovery.
  • SATA SSD and SATA AHCI Express data recovery.
  • PCI Express Hard drives data extraction.
  • M2. NGFF Mini Sold State Drive used in thin laptop models which is similar to WIFI cards.